Gold & Silver Leaf

Turn over a new leaf

Beautiful metallic leaf finishes in gold, silver, copper and verdigris are applied by hand in the time-honoured tradition of gilding.

The stunning effect can help make a statement across large-scale venues such as hotels, casinos, restaurants or cafes or add a touch of glamour to private homes. Bishop Decor applied all the gold leaf finishes to the Crown Casinos in both Melbourne and Macau.

NB. Bishop Decor has an exclusive supply network, we only ever supply and apply our finishes using specially trained applicators. To maintain quality control, we do not supply our products to third parties.
  • Brioche Cafe
  • Crown Casino
  • The Pier Hotel
  • Country Road
  • Duck Duck Goose Restaurant
  • Stockland Apartments
  • Green with Envy
  • Crown Casino
  • Private Residence