Textured Plaster

Lovely stone tones

This finish delivers a light, open texture and low sheen similar to natural travertine stone.  Available in any colour, on application it appears to have two or three distinct tones running through it.  Subtle contrasts are therefore easily achievable in both light and dark shades.

With a range that includes Roman Travertine, Tyro, Lava, Bamboo, Metallico and Stone blocking. These finishes can be further enhanced with coloured waxes.


NB. Bishop Decor has an exclusive supply network, we only ever supply and apply our finishes using specially trained applicators. To maintain quality control, we do not supply our products to third parties.
  • Waterstone Pin Stripe
  • Waterstone Pitted
  • Waterstone Pitted
  • Waterstone Crater
  • Waterstone Waves
  • Waterstone Copper
  • Waterstone Travertine
  • Waterstone Gold Fleck
  • Waterstone Tyro
  • Willow Chadstone (Tyro)
  • Glass Bead
  • Waterstone Copper Rust
  • Waterstone Rust